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Welcome to Enontekiö, to sami village Näkkälä. Village is by the lake Näkkäläjärvi, surrounded by beautiful fells. At first, we walk up to hill Matsasenvaara to watch the views. The path is 1,5 km and easy. After that we go to our hut to Riekkotieva. We sit by the fire, enjoy some snacks and coffee while Samuli is telling stories about reindeerlife, Näkkälä village and life here in north. At the end we walk to Seitakivi, sacred place. Näkkälä visit lasts about 3-4 hours. 


Price is 20€/person. Minimum 10 persons. 


Näkkälä trip with soup lunch is 40€/person. 

Available from June until October.


Bookings and inquiries: [email protected]