Riekonkieppi cabin is in Näkkälä, small sámi village in the edge of wide Pöyrisjärvi wilderness areas. To Norway border is 10 km. At Näkkälä lives about 25 persons. Main livelihood is reindeer herding. Our cabin is by the lake Näkkäläjärvi, surrounded by beautiful fells. 


Riekonkieppi means the place inside the snow where the Willow Grouse sleeps when its cold in winter time. It digs itself inside the snow, because snow is very good insulator. The Willow Grouse is riekko in Finnish. 


The cabin has a spectacular view to the fells, and very good hiking and skiing opportunities year around. The snowmobile route from Hetta to Kilpisjärvi goes near the cabin. The lake Näkkäläjärvi and the river Näkkäläjoki are great places for ice fishing and fly fishing. The cabin is also in the middle of good hunting areas. 


Riekonkieppi is a wilderness cabin with no electricity or running water. There is a combined kitchen and living room, with beds for two people, there are more sleeping places upstairs. Riekonkieppi cabin has a fireplace for heating and gas for cooking. Included are dishes and cooking utensils. 

A sauna is nearby. A boat is available for three persons. A composting out building toilet is nearby.


The beds include mattresses, blankets and pillows. Bed linens are available for an additional fee. There is small cellar outside for food storage. Near the cabin is a spring well. The water is drinkable but has not been tested. In winter the well is frozen. Also the water in the lake and river is drinkable but has not been tested. There is a solar panel for charging mobile phones. (Charging works only if the sun is shining enough, not in midwinter.) 


Please clean the cabin and surrounding areas before leaving to avoid additional cleaning charge of 250€. 

At the end of the village is big trash bin. Bottles and cans can be left in a plastic bag in the wood shed. A recycling place is available at Hetta village, by the supermarket. 


The wood in the shed is for heating the cabin and the sauna only. Collect branches and wood from nature only to burn in the outside designated fire pits. It is prohibited to build fires in other than designated areas. The yard and beach are in the natural state and we would like to keep it that way. Therefore, there is not any outdoor furniture provided.


Rental time starts on the day of arrival at 2pm and ends on the day of departure at 11am. 


Good to know!

The road to the cabin is not open in winter time. You can leave your car at the entrance of our road, 800 meters away. Sometimes it is possible to get a snowmobile transfer from us. 

The cabin is not pre heated. 



Our Hukanliesu cabin is 70 m away.

Our Hut 70 m is away.

Our Káranas cabin 100 m is away.

There are no other cabins near by.

The nearest house is 1 km away.

Palojärvi village is 14 km away, (fuel, restaurant and little food store).

Hetta village is 40 km away, (supermarket, garage, fuel, restaurant, hotel, visitor center).

Kautokeino Norway is 60 km away.

Kolari railway station is 190 km away.

Kittilä airport is 190 km away.

Vantaa is 1100 km away.




  • Animals allowed
  • Own Beach
  • Near Beach
  • Wood Heated Sauna
  • Family
  • Wood Heating
  • Boat